BLUEFIN Piranha P24 LED Underwater Lights

Part Number

P24 Piranha Lights with BRONZE base

RWB6335 - Diamond white - P12 bronze multi-voltage 12v & 24v
RWB6336 - Cobalt blue - P12 bronze multi-voltage 12v & 24v
RWB6337 - Emerald green - P12 bronze multi-voltage 12v & 24v


P24 Piranha Dual colour white / blue light

RWB6338 Dual colour white & blue P24 bronze multi-voltage 12v & 24v

The Piranha P24 dual colour blue/white light allows combinations of white or blue colour - dual white & blue light, white or blue only, white or blue stobe. Bronze base. Multi voltage suits both 1 2v & 24v systems.


P24 Piranha Colour change light

RWB6339 P24 Colour change light - Bronze base multi-voltage12 & 24v


The Bluefin P24 Piranha colour change light allows you to showcase your boat in the colour of your choice. Bluefins unique precision timing technology ensures continuous synchronisation of the lights - without the need for any costly externa controllers. The light can be controlled with the bluefin light switch shown on a following page. Scrolling colours or stop on any colour. Strobe function. They have basically the same specifications as the P24 lights above except -


  • Powerful 7,000 fixture lumens light output. Max lamp lumens 9,000
  • Almost infinite colour combinations obtainable. Strobe function


The Bluefin P24 are incredibly powerful yet ultra compact surface mounted underwater lights suitable for boats up to approx 32 metres (105Ft). They provide a class-leading 10.600 fixture lumens in a super compact housing. The LED unit is fully waterproof sealed in high impact optical polymer. The compact low profile design is suitable for transom and side mounting on most boats. Simple installation with one small 18mm cable entry hole and x fastening screws. Screws, waterproof Fuse holder & fuse are provided and a template & detailed installation manual is included in the box. 2 year warranty. The P24 have a bronze base and they are multi-voltage - suit both 12v & 24v.

  • Super powerful 10,600 fixture lumens light output. Max lamp lumens 16,000
  • Surface mounting fully waterproof sealed in 3mm optical grade polymer lens
  • Suits boats to approx 32 metre (105 Ft) length
  • Very simple installation with just 4 small cable entry hole and 3 x screws
  • Protection - under/over voltage - reverse polarity - thermal - hydro block
  • Typical LED life expectancy 50,000 hours
  • Light depth 1 9mm. Light width 1 30mm.
  • Wiring hole 18mm diameter. Cable length 1.8 metre
  • 60 degree beam angle. Integral driver
  • Supplied with waterproof fuse holder, fuse, S/S screws & installation manual
  • Solid AB2 bronze base
  • Suitable for both above and below waterline mounting
  • Control the lights via the optional Bluefin rocker switch
  • 3 LED colours available - diamond white, cobalt blue & emerald green
  • 2 year limited warranty. All installation instructions must be adhered to.
  • Multi-voltage suits both 12v & 24v systems
  • 12 volt 10 amp. 24v 5 amp. Max wattage 120 watts